Sunday, August 21, 2011

Children's Book of the Year Awards for 2011

Once again there are surprises, nods of the head and smiles all around as the CBCA book awards have now been announced for 2011.

Smiles? Well I loved and reviewed The Midnight Zoo, Mirror and The Red Wind and all three were winners in their sections which means I agree with the judges!

Surprises? I am not sure about Maudie and Bear. I love bear but I just want to take Maudie to one side and explain a few things to her like good manners and patience and taking turns and being fair but perhaps all these things are beyond the comprehension of a three year old. I do like the message on the back cover however, that love is inexhaustible.

I am also not so sure about Just a dog but I guess that is the main point of awards - it would be a boring old world if we all agreed on the same titles.

Nods of the head? The judges had to give an award to Why I love Australia, Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot and The Tall man and the twelve babies.

Excited? Yes I am excited to see the Sydney Morning Herald reviewer mentioned a couple of great titles that did not reach the short list including The Three loves of Persimmon.

We will celebrate Book Week using lots of copies of the wonderful book Mirror. I am looking forward to hearing the children talk about this innovative and important book. It will be a huge week of reading, songs, dance, competitions, knitting and lunch craft. To me Book Week should feel like Christmas with lovely surprises, smiles and happiness all around.

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