Sunday, August 7, 2011

Edsel Grizzler Book One Voyage to Verdada by James Roy

One of the things I like to recall is exactly how I find great books. More on that in a minute. I also often marvel that there are so many fabulous books out there just waiting to be read and enjoyed. How do authors come up with such wonderul plot ideas? James Roy is a very talented Australian writer. I knew this already from reading Problem Child and I am so happy I have now read his terrific fantasy/science fiction book Edsel Grizzler Book One Voyage to Verdada.

Edsel lives a safe, predictable and boring life and this is reflected in his address Number 58, Bland Street, West Malaise.

The only light in his dull life is his regular trip to the local junk or second hand shop where he has found a friend and more importantly found he has the talent to take junk, repair it and make money. On one such trip to Nicks ‘n’ Nacks Edsel is given something very strange. “This something was roughly the size of a large wheelbarrow, and shaped like half an egg. Standing high on three spindly, chrome legs, it appeared to be made of the same kind of material as bathtubs and vanity basins … embossed into the surface was a small, simple logo: a curly V with a slightly distorted oval around it.”

Have you made a connection between this symbol and the title Voyage to Verdada. This thing looks like a space ship. Perhaps it is a space ship.

Back to my original question how did I find this book? Once again a young boy came to my library counter and enquired about the sequel. I knew this meant he had enjoyed the first book so I grabbed it for a quick read. Several hours later I lifted my head. There is no way you will predict the journey of this book. Edsel does travel to Verdada but why he is there, what happens to him and what the future holds are all things you will only know when you READ THIS BOOK.

This book will make you think about your life choices, your destiny and perhaps even your parents!

I am now ready to grab the sequel called Rescue Mission and this week I also need to purchase the final installment for our library.

This book reminded me a little of The Girl who could fly where you have a team of children doing work for adults and the children need to draw on their special talents to support and ultimately rescue each other. If you have read The Girl who could Fly or even if you haven't go into your library and look for Edsel Grizzler Voyage to Verdada. There are teacher notes here. The author site is also worth a look.

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