Friday, April 6, 2012

A fox called Sorrow - The Legend of Little Fur Book 2 by Isobelle Carmody

Perhaps it was because her parents had been a troll and an elf; whatever the reason, Little Fur possessed a quality that was truly strange – she was random.”

This is the second book in the Legend of Little Fur series. At times it seems there are too many books presented as a series and I must confess I rarely read a series right through to the end. Take A Series of Unfortunate Events I lasted up to book six, Conspiracy 365 I only made it to February and The Sisters Grimm I read the first book!! With The Legend of Little Fur, though, I am determined to read all four books. I am desperate to know more about Little Fur and her origins and destiny.

You can read my blog entry for the first book in this series. I have now listened to the audio of Book 2 – A fox Called Sorrow and in just one day I read Book 3 – A mystery of wolves. Book 4 is next on my reading pile.

When Ginger deposits a tiny baby owl at Little Fur’s feet I am sure she could never have imagined she is destined to once again embark on a very dangerous quest. The Sett Owl has a vision of danger emanating from the Troll King who dwells in Underth. Little Fur visits the Sett owl to ask about the baby owl that she later names Gem. When she arrives she discovers an owl convocation is taking place. Gazrak, the rat who serves the Sett Owl, has the power to decide who can gain an audience with Herness. Little Fur will not be defeated. She waits over night in the company of a fox who is very badly hurt. These two, along with Gazrak and two ferrets will become the unlikely band who need to travel to Underth in order to discover the Troll King’s plans but the Sett Owl has seen in a vision that one of the party will betray them.

Once again Isobelle Carmody weaves a magical tale. Her language and descriptions are so rich. I felt like I too was on this journey, most memorably in the parts when they travel under the gound to the Troll city. You will be holding your breath right to the end especially after Sorrow reveals the tortures he has endured. Be warned this part is harrowing. If you can find the audio book of A fox called Sorrow it is a splendid way to follow this story. Isobelle Carmody herself is the narrator and her voice for Sorrow is just perfect.

As in the first book I loved all the little details in A Fox called Sorrow such as when Little Fur has the idea to plant seeds all over the city. “At the edge of the field, she knelt beside a dead patch and took out a little wad of moist moss and a seed. She pressed the seed into a patch of living moss, then pushed both into the ground just inside the rim of the dead earth, making sure a little of it still touched the food earth. Then she sang a song to encourage the seed to life… I am like a mouse nibbling at the edge of a mountain, Little Fur thought as she stood up. But she was smiling as she closed her seed pouch … Being small, she has no contempt for small triumphs…. There was no telling how many seeds she could plant before she entered the world’s dream.”

Little Fur is not called a healer for nothing. Her healing power and acute senses make her such a memorable and special character. If you enjoy a series, you love fantasy and you want a book that takes you on a huge journey - imagined and emotional - then look for the series The Legend of Little Fur in your library.

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