Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Try! by Sharon McGuiness

Well my blog has reached the modern age because here is my first review of an ebook! Try! By Sharon McGuiness is a terrific junior chapter ‘book’ about rugby league and I guarantee it will appeal to young sports fans and to adult readers too.

Since this is a day for firsts here is my first ever review on Amazon and it was for Try!

Jesse has a dream to play Rugby League but there are some very real obstacles he needs to overcome. Jesse is a boy who is not afraid to try!! He shows enormous determination firstly to win over his mum and then in learning how to tackle even though he is quite a small boy. Jesse himself grows through his experiences and he makes an important new friend at the end of the story. I especially like the way Sharon McGuiness does not talk down to her young readers. She is not afraid to use sophisticated words like maimed, persistent, bolted and determined. Young children, especially boys, who love to play sport will enjoy this book. Try! is perfect for beginning readers and parents who read this book with their children will appreciate the gentle emotions. The dedication page is especially poignant.

And here is my review on the website where you can purchase this ebook.

Try! is a terrific little story about football that young children will relate to. It is told with a gentle sense of humour. Jesse shows great perseverance wanting to play is favourite game. I love the way Sharon does not talk down to her audience using words like maimed, persistent, determined and bolted. This is a very short book but it packs a powerful punch of realism and emotion. Even the dedication is special!

I did have a few teething problems with the downloading but this will be easier with my next book I am sure.

I do hope Try! will be the first book in a series. Young readers, especially boys, love books about sport but I find there is real gap in the market with most having quite thin and predicable plots. Try! is well worth trying!! It seems a little odd to say this but I think the cover illustration is perfect too! Now for my next dilemma.  How to lend this book to students in my library.  At least we can all enjoy reading it together on my iwb.

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