Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dot by Patricia Intriago

Have you seen the wonderful book Press Here by Herve Tullet?  Well here is another wonderfully innovative book called Dot by Patricia Intriago.  Intriago seems like the perfect name for the creator of this intriguing book.

Dot is filled with dots - and also filled with surprises.  Can you think how to illustrate a a page that says "This dot is yummy, this dot tastes bad."?

I was looking for a book to share with over 80 preschool visitors who came with their parents and siblings to see my library this week.  I read Open this little Book which was okay but I wish I had used Dot - it is a special book with deceptively simple black and white illustrations (and a few in colour).  I must also say the ending is utterly perfect.

I am going to make a collection on pinterest of really special picture books like Dot that simply cannot be categorized - picture books that make you go wow!  Another one to add to this would be 1 is for one which is a long time favourite of mine.

Here is some of the text from dot just to inspire you to look for this book and see how each page is illustrated.

Stop dot
Go dot
Slow dot
Fast dot
Up and down dots bounce around
Loud and quiet dots make different sounds.

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kinderbooks said...

What a coincidence I have read Dot, Press here and Lots of Dots to my 6 preschool classes over the last fortnight. It has been such a pleasurable experience. They really do think they made magic when they pressed, tapped and blew on the dots in Press Here. I gave each child two dot stickers to place on a canvas and the six classes made a 'dot picture' just like the endpapers in Lots of Dots.