Thursday, May 30, 2013

Z is for moose by Kelly Bingham illustrated by Paul O Zelinsky

Alphabet books have always appealed to me.  Especially alphabet books that break the rules. One of the first I ever saw was What's inside The alphabet book by the wonderful Satoshi Kitamura and now I have Z is for Moose.

Moose is one of three voices in this book.  There is the reader who is begins with the traditional A is for Apple, B is for Ball, C is for Cat and so on.  There is Zebra who is marking his list as each alphabet character is introduced and there is Moose who is desperate to take centre stage much to the consternation of Zebra.

"D is for Moose.  Moose? no.  Moose does not start with D.  You are on the wrong page."

This book is complete nonsense and complete fun!  It is a book to share and read over and over but be warned you will need to use three voices.  Poor old moose tries everything to get noticed.  He hides in the I is for Ice cream, appears on the label of J is for Jar.  Finally we reach M is for ...  Poor old moose will he ever find a place to belong in this book?

Here is a video from the publisher.  Here is the web site from the illustrator which includes some teaching ideas.

You might also enjoy The wrong book by Nick Bland which explores a similar style employing characters who constantly interrupt the story.  We all enjoyed reading The Wrong book last week for National Simultaneous story time.  The app is also worth exploring.

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