Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Amazing Dad by Ross Collins

I am sorry August was such a quiet month for my blog.  As you might guess we were far from quiet in our school library with our annual donate a book (thanks for the donation of 760 new books) and then Book Week which was a crazy but fabulous week.

Today is fathers day.  We have many books about fathers and dads in our school library so I bought a small selection home. You can see more titles on my Pinterest collection but one that caught my eye is My Amazing Dad by Ross Collins.

This story is told using the simple structure of comparisons at
first.  Max's dad is a monkey who can "Whoosh".  His actual job is a mystery.  Stripe's dad, a zebra, is good at hiding. Trunkle, the elephant, has a dad who can spray water higher than the trees.  Snip begins to worry. "Everyone has a cooler dad than me."  He asks his mum for help "and she wrapped her tail around Snip like she did when he was just an egg."

This book made me smile.  I am certain you will never guess the twist at the end.  Being a Teacher-Librarian I read every part of a book.  I always look for end papers, these ones are simple maps, and oddly I often read the imprint information.  I love the fact that the font used for My Amazing Dad is called 'happy.' I also love the cute animal names.

Here is the web site for Ross Collins.  We have several of his books in our picture book collection.

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