Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Cloud Road by Isobelle Carmody

Before you read this book it is essential to begin by reading The Red Wind and then I guarantee you will be desperate to get your hands on The Cloud Road.

I don't give books stars but if I did then I would give The Cloud Road five out of five.

Bily and Zluty have been forced to leave their little home and make a long and perilous journey firstly across a burning desert and then into the snow covered mountains.  Adding to their burden they have loaded the Monster onto their cart - a large cat like creature who seems dangerous and wise at the same time.

In this second book we learn a little more about the strange world where Bily and Zluty live and also the brothers themselves grow.  Bily gains enormous courage and Zluty grows in his compassion towards others.
I knew I was in safe hands with Isobelle Carmody but I must say as our heroes find themselves in series of incredibly dangerous situations I just held my breath and hoped they would be safe.

"He heard the sound of something metallic falling to the ground and the Monk gave a growl of interest.  Zluty thought of the metal egg he had found in the Northern Forest and he must have made some slight sound, for suddenly the Monk gave a snarling growl and great long claw-tipped fingers closed around his ankle. Zluty cried out in fright as he was hauled roughly from this hiding place and lifted into the air."

You can read a detailed review here.  I hope I do not have to wait too long for the third book in this exciting fantasy series.

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