Monday, October 7, 2013

Molly's organic farm by Carol L Malnor and Trina L Hunner illustrated by Trina L Hunner

As I have already mentioned we are adding books with a sustainability theme to our library collection and so I selected  Molly's organic farm.  This book is perfect for the youngest students as a way to gently explain the principles of organic gardening, the joy of involvement in a community garden and seasonal change.

All of this factual information (and there are more details at the back of the book) is told as a narrative with Molly as the central character. Molly is a large ginger cat who arrives as a stray but she is soon adopted by the gardeners.  She watches the crops grow, sees the little helpful insects at work, smells the compost and travels to the market where all this delicious produce is sold.

More than the text I really like the illustrations in this book.  They are colourful and I like the way the perspective keep changing.  You can read a good review here which includes some of the illustrations.

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