Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Smooch and Rose by Samantha Wheeler

I have said this many times before but I really do not like covers like this one we see here for Smooch and Rose.  The little strawberries are important as is the koala but I there is no reason to have a photo of little girl lying on the grass. I wonder if a cover like this will appeal to the target audience.

Rose has lost both her parents and now lives with her elderly gran on a strawberry farm.  Times are becoming tough and suburbia is encroaching on her rural environment.  One evening they find a koala that has been attacked by a pack of dogs.  Sadly the koala dies after they take her to the vet but he tells Rose that there must be a baby.  "There was milk in the pouch.  I think she might have had a baby riding on her back when the dogs attacked her.  ... A baby won't stand a chance out there on its own,' said Craig. 'If you do find it, wrap it up warmly and bring it straight back in."

They do find the baby koala and Rose learns about the work of wildlife carers.  Meanwhile Gran has been forced to sell the farm.  The koala habitat and unique gum trees are threatened.  Rose must find her political voice.  She learns about activism, petitions and overcomes enormous shyness to present a moving a persuasive speech to the council which ultimately changes the development plans and the koala colony is saved.

Here is a review with some good web links.  Here is the author site with a sample chapter.  This is a fairly simple book but it has a good heart as does Rose who you are sure to be cheering for right to the end.

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