Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The ANZAC Puppy by Peter Millett and Trish Bowles

When I read The ANZAC Puppy I did not let myself turn to the back.  I really wanted this to be a true story and YES it is. Lucy puts her little puppy by the side of the road with a sign that says "puppy free to a good home".  What she does not know is that a young soldier will walk by on his way to war.

Sam picks up the puppy and he makes an important promise to Lucy to bring the puppy back safe and sound.  Lucy tells Sam her puppy is called Freda.  At first the puppy is small enough to fit inside Sam's pocket but over the coming months we watch her grow as Sam suffers through the awful conditions of trench warfare.

"Trapped in their grimy prison, Sam and Freda shared everything they had; their blankets, their bully beef, biscuits and water - even their fleas!"

Freda gives Sam a reason to survive and someone to love.  Finally after weeks have turned into months and months into years the war ends.  "Sam was no longer a boy and Freda was no longer a puppy."  Sam arrives at Lucy's house but she has changed too, into a beautiful young woman.  Can you guess what happens next?

The final pages of this warm book fill in all the historical details about a mascot dog - a Harlequin Great Dane called Freda.  With the 100 years anniversary of World War I we are looking for books to share at school and this one is perfect for our younger students.


Peter Millett said...

Hi Momo

Thanks for your review. I'm glad you liked my story. It was amazing to research it over the last decade. Hopefully Freda's memory will live on. Cheers, Peter Millett

Momo said...

Hi there it will be great to explain to my students that research like this takes a long time but can be so rewarding. Tonight I read another book about a dog and war called The Afghanistan pup. Your book certainly highlights the companionship that comes from friendship with a special dog.

Peter Millett said...

Hi again

Remember me from 2014? Thanks for your lovely comments.

I'm back with something completely off the wall and well, a little bit crazy in comparison to my puppy story. Here's my new book trailer:

Let me know what you think!

Pete, NZ :)

Momo said...

Your trailer looks good and I went to the publisher site and read the extract. I think boys in my school around age 10 would like this book. I hope the print size is not too small. Tiny print puts them off. Boys will love the fart joke! Thanks for sharing. Good luck.