Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daisy's perfect world

Fans of the Clementine series here is a new book for you.  This book would also appeal to fans of Violet Mackerel.

Daisy loves her teacher and it is easy to see why.  Here are just a few of the special things she does for her class :

Dance breaks and the teacher dances too!
A beach excursion where they were able to just sit and watch the ocean.
She made a cake to explain the layers of the earth.
Saying a kind thing to every student while taking attendance.
Hanging two dozen little crystals on strings from the ceiling when they were talking about prisms.

Daisy has a dilemma.  Her teacher Miss Goldner annouces she is getting married.  Daisy loves words and so she decides she will give the most perfect word to Miss Goldner.  Her problem is finding the perfect word.  She thinks of so many but none seem quite right.


The perfect word will surprise you!

This is a book that will make you smile especially the final pages where you will find Daisy's word lists.

You might like to dip into the author web site.  There are three books in this series so we will need to add the other two to our growing shopping list.  Here is an interview with the author.

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