Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mango and Bambang Tapir all at sea by Polly Faber illustrated by Clara Vulliamy

You might remember I was so excited to tell you about the first installment of Mango and Bambang at few months ago.  The second book arrived in our library last week and I rushed home to read it.

Mango and Bambang Tapir all at sea is also a collection of four short stories and it absolutely will not disappoint you but I need to say that it is quite essential to read the first installment especially because the first story - A hobby for Bambang -assumes you know all about this special tapir and his wonderful friend Mango.

Once again we are treated to some delicious little stories all with perfect energetic and joyous illustrations this time in red.  Bambang gets into a series of scrapes and Mango rescues him - except in the final story - but I will leave this for you to discover yourself.

In the second story called A Run in the Park, Mango and her friend George are sitting in a tree.  They try to encourage Bambang to join them :

"Put one back foot on the sticky out bit and heave!'
'Wrap your whole body around the trunk and shimmy!'
'Hang on to that low branch with your snout, push off and swing."

I love those words - shimmy, heave, swing.

Actually it is the incentive of sticky ginger cake that motivates Bambang and he suddenly appears in the tree beside his friends.

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