Monday, January 30, 2017

It takes two to T'wit T'woo by Paula Knight illustrated by Guilianno Ferri

I have a new display in my library with some cute owls and so when I saw this book I thought I might read it at the start of the year.

I love the way birds use answering calls to locate each other and for checking on their safety as they feed especially early in the morning.  I am often woken by this dawn chorus but I did not know tawny owls use this method too.  The female calls t'wit and the male answers with t'woo.  This information is supplied at the end of It take two to T'wit T'woo.

This is a perfect little book for Kindergarten as it involves making lots of noise and uses simple repetitive pattern.  Olive can only say t'wit. She calls out with and listens with her "pointy ears" but all she hears is a frog, a duck, a bear and many more animals making their own noises :

hee haw

Olive asks for help.  "Together, they all took a deep breath and shouted at the tops of their voices".

Far away, in another wood, in another tree, Albert hears something.  Yes you have predicted the ending - well not quite - there is a little twist which will make you smile.

Here is the Italian book cover.  Here is a video of the whole book.

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