Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fanny's dream by Caralyn Buehner illustrated by Mark Beuhner

I have made a plan for this year to bring home five or six picture books several times each week - books we have in our school library that I have not yet read.

Among my collection this week was Fanny's Dream. This is a book for all fairy tale fans.  I loved this book because I am a great believer in "they all lived happily ever after" just like Fanny and of course I did expect a prince would arrive!

Fanny is a sturdy girl living in Wyoming.  "She was going to marry a prince."  She hears the mayor is giving a grand ball.  She waits in the garden for the arrival of the fairy godmother but the fairy does not arrive instead along comes Herber Jensen. "Herber was cheerful and pleasant, and he had always liked Fanny, but heavens, he was so short!"

Fanny does not want to give up her dream but Herber talks things over with her.  He helps Fanny identify her skills.  She can harness a horse, cure a ham and even spread manure.

Fanny marries Herber and the routines of daily life on the farm take over.

"As for Herber, he figured that it hadn't been easy for Fanny to give up her dreams, so he made a point to wait on her at least once a day, as if she were a princess ... "

Babies are born, the house burns down but they rebuild and the farm prospers and then, many years later, the fairy godmother finally arrives.  Click the quotes below to read some reviews :

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