Thursday, May 11, 2017

Applesauce weather by Helen Frost illustrated by Amy June Bates

I am not sure how I came to find this little verse novel but I am so glad I did.  This is a gentle story about a brother and sister - Peter and Faith and their Uncle Arthur.  Each year Arthur and his wife Lucy arrive at the farm in time to harvest the first apples but this year is different.  Sadly Aunt Lucy has died and Faith wonders if her precious Uncle will feel he is still able to come.


All day, Mom's been saying, Don't expect
him, Faith. Try not to get your hopes up.
Chances are, he won't come this year.

But where
         did this gingerbread come from,
                with the warm lemon sauce
                            he loves?

It's not it could magically appear
the minute Uncle Arthur
came walking through the door.
Mom had to buy the lemons
           and bake the gingerbread
                    so she could cut this piece
                    for Uncle Arthur
                    and he could ask for more.

Take the time to read this interview with Helen Frost where she explains the real life connections which inspired her story.  Here are a set of teaching notes.  Take a look in our library for another special poetry book by Helen Frost called Step Gently out.  Read this star review in Kirkus.

I would follow this book with books like Sarah Plain and Tall,  Pearl versus the world, Little dog, Lost, and  Missing May.  Here are some more verse novels you might try to find.

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