Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bee illustrated by Britta Teekentrup text by Patricia Hegarty

The art in this book is simply stunning.  Our students are so lucky to have access to books like Bee. Begin with the end papers - on the first spread you will see a few white and yellow flowers against a green background.  At the end the background is totally obscured by hundreds of flowers of all colours.  Such a celebration. Why?  Well the bees have been at work of course.

I have talked about bees in a previous post.  This book is a simple rhyming text and yet somehow the wonder and complexity of bees comes through.

"Carrying pollen from place to place, Bee always leaves a tiny trace."

On each page there is a hexagonal cut out as you can see here.  You can see some children's art here inspired by this book.

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