Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sir Lance-a-Little and the Big Bad Wolf by Rose Impey illustrated by Katherine McEwan

Here is a terrific series - Sir Lance-a-Little.  There are six titles.  Each has 28 pages with bright, almost full page illustrations. Sir Lance-a-Little and the Big Bad Wolf is an ideal book for beginning readers because it is funny, there is a twist at the end but the story line also contains some familiar elements. This book is a true story not a ‘reader’. It has some great vocabulary to challenge and engage a reader such as annoyingly, offered, notalot, sneakier, tiresome, colossal, pesky and freed.

Sir Lance is indeed little but he is also very brave – well he thinks he is. Princess Plum has not read enough fairy tales. She does not know it is unwise to follow a wolf! Huffalot, the aptly named dragon, is fierce. He is in fact “the fiercest and most cunning dragon in the whole of Notalot”.

The repeated refrain is just perfect:

Or that was what he liked to think

When I saw this book series was by Rose Impey I knew it would be a winner. I adore her Titchy Witch books and The Flat Man from the Creepies series.  The Flat Man is a truly 'scary’ book and I often recommend it for for the youngest readers who are keen feel a shiver of fear. We also have her wonderful Christmas book A letter to Father Christmas  in our collection. I highly recommend this series Sir Lance-a-Little. I hope you find them in a library today.

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