Thursday, July 5, 2018

The First Third Wish by Ian Beck

As luck would have it though, the wish has found its way just to the place where it most needed, where it will result in a true happily ever after, not only for the young man who finds it, but for many others as well.  The Bookbag

Cobweb, the fairy, has the task of delivering wishes. It is her first day on the job. She delivers the first wish to the wood-cutter straight into his letter box. The next day she posts the second wish down his chimney but on the third day the final wish is lost. Cobweb does carry a spare so the wood-cutter will be okay if he thinks to look inside his seven league boot -  BUT what of the lost wish?

"A lost wish has no limits ... The person who finds it could make as many wishes as they want."

The wish is found by Dickon Barleycorn. He has no idea about its power. "He was a tall and handsome fellow, but he had not money and he was a bit of a dreamer."  He has all his possessions in a small pack including his telescope. Dickon sits to take a rest on his travels and wishes for a nice cold bottle of lemonade. As he takes a step his foot bumps into a bottle with a label which says "Home-made Lemonade". A short while late Dickon meets an old lady who has lost her cat. Sure enough the wish works and the cat emerges from under a bush. Night approaches. Dickson wishes for somewhere to stay. 

Each wish leaves a trace of fairy dust so it is not too hard for Cobweb to follow Dickon. when she finally catches up with him there is a complication. Princess Isabella is on the run. She needs to get away from a man she does not love and will not marry. In her bag she has her telescope. I hope you are making a connection here. The end of the story is close but Cobweb still needs to retrieve that wish.

This is another book from the Little Gems series. I am really enjoying exploring this series and this title is one of the best. I have already talked about Out for the Count and The Smile.

Ian Beck is such a talent. Take a look at my review of The Haunting of Charity Delafield. You can see the covers of some titles by Ian Beck below.

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