Sunday, August 12, 2018

A home full of Friends by Peter Bently illustrated by Charles Fudge

A storm strikes Bramble's neighbourhood and the homes of his friends are destroyed. His own sett is okay but it is a mess. As he walks back through the woods Bramble meets three of his friends in dire circumstances.  Bramble is kind and so he agrees that Snuffle the dormouse, Tipper the toad and Boo the hedgehog, can come to stay.

"Bramble was kind. He would never say no to three little creatures with nowhere to go." 

He rushes home and tries to find enough food, he organizes some seating, sets the table and then starts to worry about how they will all sleep.

"The toad's bound to snore. The hedgehog's all prickly. And the dormouse whiskers are sure to be tickly!"

Just when it seems there is no solution to this problem there is a loud knock on the door. What a surprise for Bramble. He does not have three visitors - his friends have bought along their families too.

"I hate to sound rude. You're welcome to stay, but I haven't much food, and there's only one bed. It's just not enough. 'Don't worry,' grinned Snuffle. 'We've bought loads of stuff."

Of course there is a solution. All his guests have bought along things to share such as a huge blackberry pie, a basket of fruit and nuts, wood for the fire and extra blankets and pillows. The final pages are warm and filled with sweet dreams.

A Home full of Friends is a book will read aloud well because it is told in rhyme. The full page illustrations by Charles Fuge with close-ups of Bramble and his friends are very appealing. I especially love Bramble's expressive face, his wonderful slippers and his 'teddy'. It is also fun to see the book he is reading which is called Brock. The word Brock can mean badger.

There is a second book featuring Bramble called A Home on the River due for publication later this year. We have a number of books by Peter Bently in our school library. I would link this book with No Place like Home and Too Tight Benito.

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