Sunday, June 23, 2013

Annie and Simon by Catharine O'Neill

If you have read my blog lately you might have seen the inclusion of some terrific easy books perfect for very young children who are just developing confidence with reading.  Here is another one.  Annie and Simon is a colourful little book with four chapters which explore the special relationship between Annie and her ever patient brother Simon.  The School Library Journal reviewer said :

"Anne's frenetic pace is right on for a young child, but the something special here is Simon."

Chapter One is The Hairdo.  Little Annie has decided to be a hairdresser when she grows up but for now she needs to practice.  There is only so much she can do with Hazel, her short haired dog, so she asks Simon to volunteer.  Annie creates a spectacular hairstyle for Simon and then she experiments with her own hair.  Predictably this has disastrous results but luckily Simon is able to come to her rescue.

My favourite is chapter three where Annie is desperate for rain so she can try out her new large polka dot umbrella.  While playing in the garden she is bitten by a bee.  Once again the patient Simon saves the day and even though there are no clouds in the sky Annie's wish for rain comes true.

The other joy in this book is the mention of a loon.  When I lived in Canada I was desperate to see a loon - they look and sound so spectacular.

I now discover there is a second book about these special siblings so I will be adding that to my shopping list tonight.  This book comes from the Sparks series.  We already most of these including the very special Houndsey and Catina.

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