Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ida B and her plans to maximize fun, avoid disaster and (possibly) save the world by Katherine Hannigan

There were times when I almost could not keep reading Ida B.  Having said that I will also say this is a very powerful book and I am keen to put it into the hands of a sensitive reader.  I wonder if the little girl who donated this book to our school library last year, read it.

I loved the voice of Ida B :
 "Daddy'd hand me a dish, I'd sprint to the cupboard and put it away, race back again and put my hand out for the next one, with my right foot tap, tap, tapping the seconds that were ticking by. 'Hold your horses, Ida B,'  Daddy told me.  'There's plenty of time to do whatever you're planning,' And he passed me a plate, slow and easy.  Well that stopped me in my tracks.  Because what Daddy said might have seemed all right to him, but it was sitting about two miles beyond wrong with me.  I wasn't going to be able to put away another tiny teaspoon till I set things straight. 'Daddy,' I said, and I waited till he was looking at me before I went on.  'Yes Ida B,' he answered..... And staring right into his eyeballs I told him, 'There is never enough time for fun."

Ida B lives with her mother and father on a farm somewhere in America.  She has an idyllic life and a special relationship with her caring parents and also importantly with the trees and environment on the farm.

The trees are very wise.  The trees do give Ida B some advice but it is confusing and then disaster overtakes the family and Ida B's world is turned upside down and worst of all Ida is forced to betray her beloved trees.  She is also forced to go to school and this is a horrible experience.  Her resentment towards her parents is such an awful thing to behold but as a reader I had to trust Katherine Hannigan to help me (and Ida B) through the turmoil.

Here is the web site for the author.  By coincidence I have another book by this author on my current reading pile so watch this blog for my thoughts about True (... sort of).  Here are some teaching ideas for Ida B.

Here are two more covers.  It is so interesting to see the way different editors and publishers interpret this book.  The one on the right is in German.

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