Saturday, June 22, 2013

Unicorn Wings by Mallory Leohr illustrated by Pamela Silin-Palmer

There are some topics that children regularly ask about - Mermaids, Horses, Dogs and Unicorns.

Unicorn Wings is a perfect book for a beginner.  The illustrations sparkle and the text, while very simple, is also satisfying.  I especially like the way Mallory Leohr has written a story and not a 'reader'.

"Once there was a unicorn.  He was white like the moon.  And his horn was magic.  It could make rainbows.  It could make muddy water clear.  It could fix cuts and broken bones.  But the unicorn did not care about his magic horn.  He wished he had wings!"

The unicorn talks to a series of animals with wings - butterflies, a blue bird and a swan but it is an act of kindness that finally makes his wish come true.

Young unicorn fans will love this special little book.  This is one title from the Step into reading series.  We have a small collection of these in our school library.

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