Saturday, April 16, 2016

An A to Z of Australian bush creatures by Myke Mollard

First of all this is not a new book.  An A to Z of Australian bush creatures was first published in 2008 but this is a new edition released in 2016.

In 2016 our CBCA Book Week slogan is

Australia : Story Country

I plan to feature picture books about Australian animals such as A house for Wombats, Koala Lou, and Edward the Emu.  I have been hunting for a book that covered some of our less famous, but no less fabulous, Australian Animals.

An A to Z of Australian bush creatures will be a terrific jumping off point.  Yes it does contain detailed illustrations of our famous fauna - koala, kangaroo, kookaburra, wallaby, wombat, platypus, numbat, bilby, cockatoo and even the wonderful Christmas beetle but it has so many which you may not know including one that doesn't even really exist - the bunyip!

I would like our older students, during Book Week, to adopt a Australian animal.  I want them to find one that is not featured in lots of picture books and perhaps write a short story or a poem.

Here are some possibilities but there are so many others in this book :

  • bettong
  • blue tongued lizard
  • spotted cuscus
  • dusky hopping mouse
  • jabiru
  • witchetty grub
  • rosella
  • lorikeet
  • lyrebird
  • kowari
  • kultarr

You can see every page from this richly illustrated book on the author web site.

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