Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Thickety : A Path begins by J.A. White

I have a huge dilemma here.  I am not sure how to tell you about this book.  It is both a disturbing book to read and yet somehow also quite compelling.  It is a book filled with witches, magic, murder, truly horrid creatures, deep pain, extraordinary levels of betrayal and truly loyal friends.

Before you read my thoughts I recommend reading this chapter sample from the publisher.

One of the problems I have with shopping for books is knowing if books at the upper end of our collection for students in Grade 6 will be suitable.  It not possible to read every book nor it is possible read every book review.

The Thickety is a series aimed at very mature primary students. According to the publisher and back cover this is a book series for children aged 10+.  Kirkus say 11+.   I agree with Kirkus and so we will restrict the borrowing of this book to our Grade Six students but we will still keep it in our library. It does have 488 pages and some of the really gruesome moments do come right near the end so many of our students would not select this book or perhaps not have the reading stamina to reach the end.

I was interested to read this review in the School Library Journal where the reviewer Robin Willis admitted he/she did not finish this book because it was so harrowing.  Here is a trailer from the publisher.

You can read the reviews above for all the plot details.  This book reminded me of Fearless by Tim Lott, The Spooks Apprentice by Joseph Delaney and Fire Girl.  I do have plans to read the next installment.

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