Sunday, April 24, 2016

Here they come A day to remember by Jennet Cole-Adams and Judy Cauld illustrated by Warren Brown

Here they come - A day to remember is a perfect addition to our collection for ANZAC Day.  It is in the format of a big book and so not available for loan to our students but I know it will be used extensively by our teachers especially in the junior primary grades.

As this book opens we see Bert, an old man, sitting on his bed in his pyjamas.  His medals are already pinned to his jacket.  His photo sits on his bedside table showing Bert as a young man in the navy. Now flip to the last page. The Anzac day ceremony is over for another year.  Bert has caught up with his mate Stan. they are the only ones left from their mates who served at Kokoda.  Now Bert returns to his room.  He is holding a precious photo showing four very young sailors and his smile shows he is remembering.

On the second spread of this book we see a group of people standing beside a war memorial.  Each of these people feature in the following pages.  There is a child called Will who has come along with his dad.  Caitlyn a young soldier who served in Afghanistan. Roslyn, now an old lady, who remembers ANZAC day with her dad when she was a tiny girl. Col who remembers his companions from Vietnam - his medals feel heavy on his chest. Samir who has come to Australia as a refugee from Sudan.  Libby who stands with her little daughter.

"This part of the ceremony was always hard.  Thoughts of Luke crowded her mind.  Luke in his uniform, Luke at the beach, Luke cradling their baby girl.  Libby took a deep breath.  She was proud of Luke.  He loved being an army officer and he died serving his country. It was hard without him."

Here are the comprehensive teaching notes.

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