Monday, July 18, 2016

Lord and Lady Bunny - almost royalty translated from the Rabbit by Polly Horvath

Polly Horvath must have had so much fun writing this book - sequel to Mr and Mrs Bunny - Detectives extraordinary. I suggest reading these books in order so you can fully appreciate this hilarious bunny couple.  I kept thinking about the BBC television series Keeping up Appearances.  I do think  Mrs Bunny and Hyacinth would be such great friends.

"It was several hours after Mrs. Bunny's great recovery that she finally spilled the beans about her plans for herself and Mr Bunny. Mr Bunny had said many times that he was all ears, but Mrs Bunny said she was awaiting the perfect stellar moment.  It came one lovely summer's eve with butterflies flitting about the hollyhocks, a freshly baked carrot cake (Mrs Bunny was no novice when it came to springing plans on Mr Bunny), some just squeezed beet juice and the pleasant burble of the water feature Mrs Bunny had installed in the flower garden."

In this installment Mrs Bunny hits upon a terrific plan to become Queen.  Never mind that England already has a queen - surely there is room for another.  Meanwhile Madeline along with her best friend Katherine and her very odd parents are also on their way to England.  Everyone is travelling on the same ship.

"Then, perhaps because of champagne had caused them to throw caution to the winds, Mr and Mrs Bunny, instead of dancing discreetly under the table, hopped out to the dance floor."

Read a little more about the plot by clicking the link below or reading this review.

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