Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A case in any case by Ulf Nilsson illustrated by Gitte Spee

I am just going to talk about this book - number three in the Detective Gordon series - very briefly because you can read how much I enjoyed the first installment.  My main message is go out and grab this book and read it with or to your young child as soon as you can. I guarantee both of you will enjoy every page.

Gordon has taken a holiday (a long holiday) and left Police Chief Buffy in charge of the station. She is missing Gordon. One night she hears some mysterious sounds late in the night right outside her window.  She sees a large shapeless figure disappearing through the garden. When all of this happens again on the second night Buffy decides to head over to Gordon and ask his advice. Gordon is delighted to see her but just as they begin to discuss the case (Gordon knows more than he is letting on) a kindergarten group arrive with their teacher.  Two of the little students are missing. A squirrel named Evert and a young rabbit named Karen. 

It is lucky Gordon and Buffy are working together on the case but while they are piecing together all the clues your young reader will delight in solving this one themselves well before our intrepid heroes.  I suggest you begin this series with book one and continue in reading order.

 Nilsson’s third Detective Gordon mystery is as charming and droll as the first two. Filled with silly and sweet songs, anthropomorphic animals who all get along (except the fox), and a naïve sensibility, it should easily please fans of the first.  Kirkus

 Life lessons are imparted within these pages but with a gentleness and brevity that allow a simple yet engaging plot to move forward. School Library Journal

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