Thursday, December 6, 2018

George the Bilby Chef and the Rasberry Muffin Surprise by Jedda Robaard

On a book forum recently someone asked for books with recipes and cooking ideas.  I am not sure what age group they were aiming at but for young readers aged 3-5 George the Bilby Chef and the Raspberry Muffin Surprise might have suited.

George (a bilby) loves to cook. Betty (an echidna) is having a birthday so George decides to make her a raspberry muffin but he doesn't have any raspberries. His animal friends help him but the fruit filled bush is too high to reach. Luckily a friendly bird called Maggie (a magpie) is able to help with this problem and so the friends gather the fallen raspberries and carry them home each one taking as many as they can lift. (The mouse can only carry one in his tiny wheelbarrow). At home the cooking commences while the others decorate the house and then everyone arrives to enjoy the birthday party. On the back cover there is a small envelope containing the full recipe which is the perfect addition and hopefully means after reading this book you might cook some delicious muffins too.

Here is the web site for Jedda Robaard.  I like the look of her books for the youngest children. Here is a review of George the Bilby Chef.  You can see all the book characters in this painting.  If you would like to explore other books about bilbies take a look at this list. My friend over at Kinderbookswitheverything has written a post about National Bilby Day.

On the theme of cooking I would look for Spot Bakes a Cake by Eric Hill, Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells and Can we lick the spoon now? by Carol Goess.  I would also like to take a look at this board book by Helen Oxenbury - It's my Birthday - I think it would be the perfect to read with George the Bilby Chef.

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kinderbooks said...

The library has a paperback version of the Helen Oxenbury book and it is charming.