Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cannon the Librarian by Mike Thaler

Today I moved all of my books onto new shelves and in the process I found books I had totally forgotten about.  One of these is an inconsequential little book called Cannon the Librarian by Mike Thaler. I have a good collection of picture books about libraries and librarians and this tiny book is another gem which I plan to read aloud next year.

Our intrepid narrator visits his local library each day after school.  It is such a dangerous place because while he is there he encounters dragons, pirates, a giant octopus, Dracula, a witch, trolls, a martian and Frankenstein.  Luckily Miss Cannon is on hand with her trusty 12 inch ruler!  The inclusion of an old fashioned card catalogue and date stamp just add to the fun.

Miss Cannon got angry. She took of her glasses, grabbed her ruler and vaulted over the checkout desk. … Miss Cannon saves me a lot. She also lets me use her hanky when my nose runs. I love Miss Cannon.  In fact besides the books, she’s why I go to the library every day after school.”

If you like the idea of librarians in literature take a look at this list.  We have a few of these titles in our school library.

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