Friday, November 2, 2012

The big bad wolf and me by Delphine Perret

Do you worry about missing great books?  I try so hard to keep up with new publications but every so often a book turns up that was published many years ago – that I somehow missed at the time.  The big bad wolf and me is one of these books.  Published in 2006, I wonder how I missed this?  Back in 2006 we were not really talking about graphic novels but if I had to label this book I might use that term – well sort of.

I love Harold and the purple crayonThe big bad wolf and me has a similar feel. Our young narrator meets a small Big Bad Wolf.  The Big Bad Wolf needs feeding (with chocolate chip cookies) and training to be scary! But above all he needs a loving friend.

I will quote from one reviewer who said this book is beautifully designed, both sophisticated and sublimely silly, this should please readers and listeners of all ages. Kirkus

Make sure you take a look at the back cover.  There is lots to talk about here.  This book reminded me of Mo Willems Leonardo, the terrible monster.  I am surprised no one seems to have made an animation of these simple illustrations. This book was originally written in French and there is a sequel The big bad wolf goes on Vacation. If you read French you might like to dip into the illustrator's web site.

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