Monday, November 12, 2012


Lists lists I am not really sure how I feel about lists. Lists can be a good way to keep track of books you have read, books on a theme or topic or books on a wish list of titles you would like to read. I seem to have collected a huge number of book lists for all these reasons.

I have been sorting through all my boxes of papers accumulated over the last ten or fifteen or even thirty years of working in school libraries.  I came across a list I made in 2008.  As I was stocktaking (doing an inventory) of our fiction section I kept coming across books I had read, loved and perhaps forgotten. I made this list of great books thinking of some of the very keen senior primary girls who use my library.

Girls Girls Girls - great books to keep you reading!

Lucky for Some Fleur Beale
Runestone Anna Cidor
The Not just anybody family Betsy Byars
Singer of songs Kate Constable
Walk two moons Sharon Creech
Wolf Gillian Cross
The Mystery of Devon House  Cory Daniels
The rescue of Princess Athena  Kathryn England
Yolanda's Genius  Carol Fenner
Pictures of Hollis Woods  Patricia Reilly Giff
Forbidden Memories  Jamila Gavin
Clair de Lune Cassandra Golds
Olive's ocean  Kevin Henkes
Soraya the storyteller  Rosanne Hawke
Hazel Green   Odo Hirsch
When the circus comes to town  Polly Horvath
At the sign of the sugared plum  Mary Hooper
The tale of Emily Windsnap  Liz Kessler
The view from Saturday   EL Konigsburg
Ella Enchanted  Gail Carson Levine
Secret friends  Elizabeth Laird
The giver  Lois Lowry
Gathering Blue  Lois Lowry
The stonekeeper's daughter   Linda McNab
Belle Teal Anne Martin
Night Singing  Kierin Meeham
Secret letters from 0 to 10  Susie Morgenstern
The slightly true story of Cedar B Hartley  Martine Murray
Night Flying  Rita Murphy
The snow spider Jenny Nimmo
First Test   Tamora Pierace
Love Ruby Lavender Deborah Wiles
Millicent Min, Girl genius  Lisa Yee
The garden of the Empress Cassia   Gabrielle Wang

While this list might now seem a little dated it might make a starting point as you explore your school library.  Perhaps a title will catch your eye.  You could "Google it" and see if the plot appeals to you then check it out in your library.  As I look down this list I can see quite a few titles I would like to re-read and add to my blog.  I am a little surprised that I have not blogged more of them.  This just adds to my conviction that I wish I had begun this blog years and years ago then I could read my thoughts about these books.  I hope this list is useful for you too.

Happy Reading!

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