Thursday, November 29, 2012

The mice next door by Anthony Knowles illustrated by Susan Edwards

If you are looking for a book where you can explore the idea of 'point of view' this is the perfect little picture book.  Dad thinks mice are smelly and will lower the tone of the neighborhood. He plans to complain to the council.

The Hardy's are in fact perfect neighbors. They maintain their home and tidy garden, share food and hospitality and over the year Dad mellows until finally he comes to like the Hardy's. The illustrations are a perfect way to explore scale.

On the back cover of this book it says "Brilliant. A sane, humane and very, very funny book."  Books for Keeps.

I treasure the second hand copy of this book in my collection.  First published in 1986 this is another book that is long out of print but is well deserving of a reprint hopefully some time soon.

I have discovered there is a sequel called Christmas with the mice next door.  I have never seen this. The Mice next door is also a perfect discussion starter about prejudice and persuasion.

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