Wednesday, December 26, 2012

If you take a mouse to the movies by Laura Numeroff illustrated by Felicia Bond

Following on from If you give a mouse a cookie it is now Christmas time.  The young boy and his mouse take a snowy walk down the the movies.  Naturally they buy some popcorn.  The mouse wants to string the popcorn together to make a garland for their Christmas tree.

On the way home they buy a Christmas tree, play in the snow and build a snow man.  Back at home the little mouse takes off his wet overalls, settles down to dry off and listens to some Christmas carols.  Then the boy and mouse make some fabulous Christmas ornaments to hang on their tree. Standing back to admire his handiwork the mouse realizes something important is missing from the tree - a popcorn garland.

"So he'll want to make another one.  He'll ask you for some popcorn. And chances are, when you give him the popcorn, he'll want you to take him to the movies."

I adore reading If you take a mouse to the Movies at Christmas time to the youngest children in our school.  It is fun to explain all the different customs to my Australian children. We do not string popcorn - it would go stale or worse - be eaten by bugs or mice.  Young children do not really use the word ornaments we usually call them decorations and of course the children in my summer time school beside the beach are not familiar with snow forts. As a bonus I have a toy of the mouse and under his overalls it is fun to reveal that he is wearing candy cane boxer shorts just like the ones in the book - very cute!

Here is a clever animation of If you give a mouse a cookie. Here are some lesson ideas and a page of classroom inspirations.

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