Monday, December 3, 2012

Knock knock who's there by Sally Grindley illustrated by Anthony Browne

If someone says knock knock to you I am sure you would reply who's there?  This is the premise of this very clever book with its perfect illustrations by Anthony Browne.'

A little girl is in bed with her large teddy bear when there is a knock on the door. A voice from the other side says "I'm a great big gorilla with far furry arms and huge white teeth and when you let me in I'm going to hug your breath away!"  Yes it does sound scary so the little girl says "Then I won't let you in!".

This pattern continues with a witch, ghost, giant, and dragon all knocking on the door. Finally her dad arrives with a cup of hot chocolate and a story to tell.

When you find this book in your library go back and look carefully at the slippers, the wall paper and the little hints around each door frame.  If I was collecting books to show how young children grow and develop in their understanding of plot this is the perfect example. When I read this book to Kindergarten they have all sorts of explanations about those slippers and the 'scary' characters at the door.  It is a very rare child at this age who realizes that the dad has just been using his voice in a game with his daughter.

This is a book I adore reading aloud to Kindergarten.  They all participate in the repeated refrain and enjoy the sense of tension and release when her dad finally arrives at the door with that hot chocolate.

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